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@BistroWineMan,Stephen Barrett investigates 

new Italian Wines on the block

When choosing wine whether a current favourite or a fashionable new celebrity stylistic offering or even a tempting offer via the internet, we are all new consumers in this brave new world!

I have been tasting throughout the Lockdown and been most impressed with new wines being offered on-line.

One impressive range has become a firm favourite on the Barrett Tasting Table that I would like to bring to your attention. Hailing from the Emilia Romgana region of Italy, famed for its beautiful Adriatic coastline, historic cities (Bologna, Moderna and Rimini), great wine and food and an all-round lovely place to visit…..


The wines from Romgana are beautifully-crafted offering many styles and tastes that, for the UK market, are perhaps not so well-known as wines from the famous vineyards in other parts of Italy. This is about to be challenged as stylistic examples are now constantly being recognised as award-winning wines styles that have become easier to obtain in the UK market.

The wines from Tenuta Montaia based near Cessna are just that sort of wine with great attention being paid to presentation and style with artist commissioned labels and uniquely shaped bottles just right for this emerging market.

Now selling under the Garden of Italy website (based in Cessna, Bristol and Plymouth) I start my tasting with Sparkling Wines a category that has been gaining plaudits over the past few years, Romagna is able to elaborate differing styles and price points that certainly will not break the bank!

Starting with Cuvee; a Chardonnay-based fizz offering a classy fruit-based wine, off-dry with a terrific finish – right on for celebrations and weddings. £9.33 for 75cl

Pigno is next, a gentle Frizzante made with Pignoletto – new to many but its gentle fruity fizz will delight especially with occasional Tapas dishes. £9.49 for 75cl

Rose la Bollicine is destined to be a sure fire winner as the Sparking Rose market expands. Beautiful red fruits with a gentle spice offer a classy sipper. Made with 100% Sangiovese

£9.33 for 75cl

Onto the whites, starting with the excellent Diverso offering a Chardonnay - fruit-driven style perfect for many dishes especially our excellent Westcountry Fish; go to for fresh fish delivered to your door! £9.33 for 75cl

The last Bianco might be new to many and excellent it is for casual sipping hopefully with our imminent  Indian Summer!

Pino is elaborated in stainless steel with the lovely grape Pinot Blanc, an ancient varietal offering light-spicy fruit notes with an excellent textured body and finish. £9.33 for 75cl


Onto the Rosso’s starting with Zresa a Sangiovese/Merlot blend that zings with red and black fruits on the nose and palate shuffling into an easy-sipper, soft tannins and developed spice. £7.99 for 75cl

Next the Vese 100% Sangiovese nosing of ripened cherry-scented fruit moving into a light spice and tannic structured wine of note. Serve cool in a large glass allowing it to develop beautifully. £8.99 for 75cl

Lastly, the wonderful Sangio Oro Sangiovese Superiore Riserva 2015 coming in at 14% by volume. Nosing of huge spice and cherry-stone fruits wrapped in a robe of oak it’s a great Riserva. The oak adds lovely complexity and stylistic qualities to a fine, rich wine.  £14.97 for 75cl

You can observe from my brief tasting notes I really loved the range. All are food-friendly maybe with your favourite Italian speciality at the helm. All the wines are available via the internet go to (or click the link at the bottom of the review) to secure a parcel for your next dinner party.

Stephen Barrett is a Wine, Food and Travel Writer based in Plymouth. Find Stephen on Twitter and Instagram as @bistrowineman or Facebook and LinkedIn as Stephen Barrett  ​