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Sharron Davies

Sharron Davies is an ex-international swimmer, Gladiator, TV presenter and Olympian; not to mention mum (and grandma). She has dedicated her life to staying fit in order to compete and to stay in shape. As she launches 'Sharron Davies Training' on January 1st, she chats to Craig Maplesden about how the new business works, her tips on how to get fit and keep motivated, as well as affordable leisure...


Lean with Leanne

National PT of The Year Lean With Leanne shares her Top 5 Tips for 2022

Making the same NY resolution this year? Is 2022 the year you are finally going to complete that diet? Well take it from a PT who knows, the new year, new me diet train does NOT work long term! Click for more...


Keep those fitness resolutions going

We approach the New Year with gusto, trainers or walking boots, swimming goggles or skipping rope to hand, but by February all those good intentions are stuttering. How can you stay on track instead and make 2022 the year to count?


How our food affects our mood

Eating healthy, nutritious food is beneficial to both our mental and physical health.  A good diet can help to improve our mood, give us more energy and help us think more clearly.

Maintaining a healthy diet also helps to support our immune system. Click below for more...

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How are you sleeping?   - The importance of sleep for our mental health

On average, we spent around a third of our lives sleeping.  When we sleep, our brains process and store new information and our bodies repair cells.  These processes all support our mental and physical health.  A lack of sleep can affect our overall wellbeing.

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Escape to Gaia Spa and get 20% off mid-week spa breaks

After the festivities at the end of 2021, we're looking froward to a healthier and balancing start to the year. With this in mind, Gaia Spa are offering 20% off their mid-week spa breaks in January for those looking to relax and unwind in natural surrounds overlooking the rolling hills of Dartmoor. 


I Wonder, January

Free wellbeing sessions: find calm at The Box

Always Welcome wellbeing sessions are aimed at members of local community groups, carers, people living with memory loss, and over 40s wishing to improve their mental wellbeing and to meet other people.