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Make a real change to your health in 2021!

Food is health, and like everything else, it’s easy when you know how! With 25 years as a nutrition professional, I know that the equation for real health is simple. Nutrition education + the psychology of eating + practical support and recipes = sustainable, long term results for physical and mental health. 


If you do nothing else in 2021, make an effort to try at least one, but preferably all, of these eating resolutions. Each one is ‘one small change’ and together they can have a huge positive impact on your mood, energy, immunity and wellbeing. Check my hub and YouTube channel for plenty of recipes.

Want more energy and less stress?


The secret is how and when you eat. These quick tips pack a powerful punch!


  • Eat breakfast! Smoothies, if done properly, are amazing. Eggs are ideal too;

  • Eat regularly throughout the day. Make sure you have little bags of nuts or seeds, or find some favourite healthy snack recipes;

  • Every meal or snack needs protein and healthy fat as well as carbs, and pack in nutrients wherever you can. Use guacamole instead of mayonnaise, and choose eggs, healthier cheeses like feta, and good quality lean protein like chicken or salmon over bread, chocolate, pasta, etc. Include chickpeas, beans and pulses daily if you can, like humous as a snack or wrap filler, put them in salads, mix with rice, or mash instead of potatoes;

  • Listen to your body and brain – what are they telling you about how you are nourishing them? 

Need to develop better eating habits?

These healthy habits will help to give your systems what they need for resilience, balance, and proper function: 

  • Think about what you’re going to eat for the week ahead. A collection of recipes that can be batch-cooked and save time while nourishing well is worth its weight in gold; 

  • Get the kids involved, and make preparing, shopping and cooking a time for family bonding while teaching life skills; 

  • Have a stash of healthy snacks to prevent blood sugar crashes that cause unhelpful choices;

  • Reduce stress to avoid cravings and comfort eating;

  • Avoid Google, social media articles, magic bullet sellers, and unqualified sources – a waste of time and money that can land you with other issues later on; 

  • If it doesn’t exist in nature, or has a list of chemical ingredients, don’t eat it!

  • Combine support and learning for sustainable long term change, like joining my Heal Your Health membership community or the Eat For Life online nutrition course.

Everyone needs real food for real health….

To help people achieve their goals with delicious ease, I’ve created a range of programmes, courses and resources, and the membership community, for gradual change and guidance.

Health professionals and chefs can add diet and nutrition to their work with Functional Food Coach or Chef training.

To find out more about resources, events, services, and the membership club, see my services website at Trinity Holistics.

For recipes, courses, and training for health professionals and chefs, see my hub site at The Functional Foodie.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2021!


About Jane

Jane Hutton, The Functional Foodie, is a local, award-winning clinical nutritionist, nutritional therapist and culinary medicine specialist. She works in every way, from 1-2-1 right up to consulting for supplement companies, charities and the NHS, running courses in nutrition and cookery, and training other health professionals and chefs. She supports, teaches and delivers nutrition solutions, CPD, resources, information and advice that help people get and stay well.