Supha's Street Food Emporium

Bring the real taste of street food from the East to your own kitchen

The little emporium packed full of flavour, a bright colourful eatery nestled on the side of Sutton Harbour, Supha’s Street Food Emporium continues to provide the freshest SE Asian food this side of Bangkok. With an open kitchen, you not only get to see your dishes being cooked but enjoy their fantastic aromas as the flames whip around the wok’s......And now, you can even enjoy the unique taste of Supha's from your own kitchen. 

My curry paste is a little pot of healthy concentrated flavour. Along with tasty curries, you can also use it for:

  • Stir-fry

  • Spicy fried rice

  • Marinades

  • Sauce for dressings and dips

  • And much much more…

How about coating your chiken with curry paste and leave in the fridge overnight, then roast in the oven!

Or how about using as a dip, dressing or marinade, add a spoonful to some cocnut milk and stir.

Available curry pot flavours:

Suphas Curry Paste

Massaman Curry Paste

Green Curry Paste

Supha's Curry Pastes

Hi! My name is Suphawadee, you may know me as Supha.

I was born and grew up in South Thailand. My Culture is all about family and food, cooking is at the heart of the community. From a young age, I spent a lot of time preparing and learning to cook with my mother, grandmother and sisters. Cooking has always been fun - It makes me happy.

My curry paste recipes have been handed down the generations and made with fresh ingredients, mostly grown in the garden, but always locally.

"From a young age, I spent a lot of time preparing and leaning to cook with my mother, grandmother and sisters. Cooking has always been fun - It makes me happy."

Since opening Supha’s Street Food Emporium it has filled me with pride to have so many people enjoy my food and we have always have customers ask for the receipe for my curries. So, we decided to make these little pots so you can enjoy at home.

Made from the best ingredients, these little pots carry a lot of punch, each one making 15 - 20 meals depending on how spicy you like it.

Remember cooking should be fun! Watch our little cooking videos on our new YouTube channel (Click here) to help you. Once you have mastered your curry, don’t be afraid to try it with your own twist!

Inside the restaurant, there is an extensive vegetarian selection and lots of our dishes are naturally gluten free too. Customers can enjoy them alongside one of the best views that any food establishment in Plymouth can offer, right on the city’s stunning waterfront where they can watch the sun set over the harbour. 

Our menus

At Supha's, we have a variety of menu options and offers available. You can choose between Street Small, Street Big, Vegetarian, Rice, Kids, Fish and Seafood and more. You can access our menus by clicking here: Menu 


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To book, please contact us by calling 01752 228513.

Supha's Street Food Emporium

Unit 1 East Quay House, Sutton Harbour | Plymouth | PL4 OHX

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