Scott Paton interview

A showcase of inventive British fare, using only the finest locally sourced ingredients, Àclèaf is a unique dining experience exclusive to Boringdon Hall where Scott Paton’s seasonally led signature four-course menu takes centre stage.

We speak to Scott about welcoming back diners to the restaurant, what we can find on the menu this summer, plus, how Scott looks to the past to progress for the future.


Many congratulations on the reopening of Àclèaf. How good is it to finally welcome diners back into the restaurant?

It feels great we’ve been working hard during lockdown to enhance further, so it’s great to finally be giving that experience to our guests again 


What is the ethos behind Àclèaf and what can diners expect when they visit the restaurant?

The whole concept is to provide an experience I’d like to receive, and make people feel special and get some vip treatment. 


When planning new menus, how much influence does the building and itssurroundings have on choosing ingredients? 

Not any really, Àclèaf is all about the ingredients we don’t let anything dictate that to us. 

"The whole concept is to provide an experience I’d like to receive, and make people feel special and get some vip treatment."

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Boringdon Hall, Plymouth,
Devon. PL7 4DP

Tel: 01752 853807


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With that in mind, what can we expect to see on the menu for the reopening?

The finest produce around, the best crab, scallops, beef and lamb my 20 years of experience has gone into sourcing the best ingredients, sure you can get scallops in a few restaurants... but are you getting the best in the world for your money?  


How important are wine pairings when creating a dining experience?

Of course our wines provide that synergy needed .. good wine pairings are paramount to our ethos .. 

Did you hone your skills during lockdown, or maybe discover any new techniques or ingredients to introduce to the menus?

I wouldn’t say that we did a lot of work on our sympathy for the ingredients and how to get the best out of them 


You have created a signature, four-course menu that is extremely popular with diners - what are the influences behind this?

This is all part of the experience is like to receive.  Àclèaf doesn’t always follow the rules and personally I find 3 courses in balanced and out dated Àclèaf is an evening out not just a meal 


You take a lot of inspiration for traditional styles of cooking, are you a bit of a food historian?

Haha I know my classics that’s for sure .. food historian may be a little out there but I definitely look back to move forward 


Finally, with doors now open, what are the plans moving forward for Àclèaf?

Well Àclèaf only opened in February last year ... first plan is to get a full year of trading. But without doubt there’s not many kitchen teams as progressive and forward thinking as ours with the support we have from the Directors at Philema Hospitality the world is our oyster and Àclèaf is the Pearl inside.