Plymouth Auction Rooms

Plymouth Auction Rooms, Paul Keen, details some exciting finds at Plymouth Auctions.

With a packed saleroom and over 750 lots to sell this month it’s no surprise that the team at Plymouth Auction Rooms are rushed of their feet. Every day antiques, art and collectables are being brought along for appraisal and there are many lots that stand out. 

It’s not often that you see collections of bronzes at auction today particularly all from one room in one large Plymouth house. Several art deco design figures amongst elegant statues will go under the hammer this month. They include works by popular German sculptures  Franz Iffland, Richard Lange and Otto Hoffman.

In the ceramics section are three elegant Art Deco figures by Goldscheider, these are very collectable and the three could reach a £1000!!


You can now view all the lots online or by making an appointment at the auction rooms. Call01752 254740, visit

This week a Russian silver cigarette case was brought in from a lady in Plymouth who had it passed down through her family.


The valuer could see instantly that it was a quality piece beautifully made in cast silver with a radial sunburst design and a cabochon gold clasp. A peek inside revealed Russian hallmarks, including the 84 Kokoshnik hallmark.


This piece is typical of those made in the Fabergé workshop of St. Petersburg in the early part of the last century, auctioneer Paul Keen "this is a rare and stunning Russian work of art and we are excited to present it to auction later this month at Plymouth Auction Rooms"

From Russia to Ireland and a Victorian gaming board arrived for valuation also. Its distinctive inlay work of harps, castle scene and shamrock are typical of the wood wares made in Killarney, Ireland. These are rare and sought after by keen collectors. The box has a chess board and back gammon board in yew and other woods. It’s likely to fetch few hundred at the auction