National Marine Aquarium


From rocky shores to coral reefs, you can see them all at the National Marine Aquarium this summer

Visit the National Marine Aquarium, the UK’s largest Aquarium! Located in Plymouth,  Britain’s Ocean city, its home to over 4,000 amazing animals including jawsome sharks, ray-ly cool stingrays, a curious Octopus and a very cheeky turtle! 

Your visit will take you around the world’s whole Ocean, from the rocky shores of Plymouth Sound, to the colourful corals of the Great Barrier Reef. 

With over 4,000 Ocean animals and awe-inspiring exhibits, explore the National Marine Aquarium for an experience you’ll never forget.

Encounter some of the Ocean’s most incredible creatures as you make your way around, with our fun and knowledgeable marine experts on hand to give you a thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish with talks, feeds and workshops happening throughout the day.

Your Aquarium visit will take you on a journey around the world’s Oceans, from the local waters of Plymouth Sound, all the way to the tropical seas of the Great Barrier Reef and everywhere in between! Home of the Ocean Conservation Trust, the Aquarium provides an opportunity to connect first-hand with the Ocean, what better place to spend your day?

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