Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park

Mount Edgcumbe House Blitz Exhibition and Experience

During the Plymouth Blitz in 1941 Mount Edgcumbe House was hit by an incendiary device and much of the House was lost to fire. 80 years later we explore the early years of the war and life at home in Plymouth and the surrounding area.

The House was of course rebuilt by the Edgcumbe family after the war and today is home to a fine collection of wonderfully unique historical artefacts that tell the story of the family, the wider history of the parkland and their central role in the history and development of Plymouth.

In addition to the general collection Mount Edgcumbe now has a fantastic World War II Blitz Exhibition, full of original objects and displays specific to Plymouth and the unfolding horrors of the German attacks in 1941. The brand new Blitz Exhibition at Mount Edgcumbe House not only looks at all aspects of life on the Home Front – there is now an ‘experience’ as well.


Using audio visual special effects some very clever people have recreated the first night of the Plymouth Blitz so that you can get an intimate sense of what life was like living under the bombs.


There is also a calmer space where you can sit and listen to some of the voices from the past talking about rationing, air raids, the burning of the House, a lucky near miss, the Home Guard, Americans and chewing gum!  


Chris Burton, the Mount Edgcumbe Park manager said: ‘An ‘Exhibition’ is a different thing from an ‘Experience’ – and here we have them both. This is an exciting and engaging way to find out about local life and the lasting effects of that seminal period in Plymouth’s history’.


Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park, Cremyll | Torpoint | PL10 1HZ

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