Discover underwater, extra-terrestrial and prehistoric worlds in the dome!

Spend summer with Real Ideas and attend an art or LEGO kids club, immerse yourself in virtual reality in the dome or even grab a bite to eat in one of our cafes! Spread across Ocean Studios in Royal William Yard and Market Hall in Devonport, there are bundles of fun to be had.

Market Hall is home to a state-of-the-art immersive dome and there are plenty of shows to sink your teeth into! Come and visit this gem of a building, tucked away in the corner of Plymouth, and watch one of the two BRAND NEW films now being shown.


In DINOSAURS: A story of survival, join Celeste as she prepares a talk for her class about how dinosaurs went extinct. But Moon, a very wise and magical character, poses a tantalizing question: what if I told you that there are still dinosaurs among us? Travel through an exciting adventure that will show the Earth as it was in the very, very distant past.


The second new film coming to the dome is 3-2-1 Lift Off! A heart-warming story about Elon, a hamster scientist who lives in a dump yard. Elon soon uncovers a damaged robot that fell from his spaceship! Will he manage to get back to his ship before it leaves?! 

Come and visit this gem of a building, tucked away in the corner of Plymouth, and watch one of the two BRAND NEW films now being shown.


If you fancy something a bit more hands-on, why not check out a LEGO Holiday Club or some family LEGO fun? Children can create games, design vehicles and build robots at Plymouths home for immersive technology, Market Hall. We also offer a half day LEGO workshop designed specifically for all the family. Led by our LEGO Education trainer, your family will be introduced to LEGO robotics and set on course to design, build and programme your own family crazy golf challenge. From whirling windmills, bendy bridges, or rolling ramps, what obstacles will you choose?

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Alternatively, explore your family’s creativity and experiment with different colours, patterns, and textures at Ocean Studios, the home of Real Ideas’ art and making experiences. Find out more about Junior Intro to Clay, Mini-Makers and the range of print clubs that are all available this summer. Get creative, spark a new passion and learn some new skills!


Real Ideas has an array of activities this August for you and your family to get involved with, don’t miss out and visit our website to book your places today! 


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