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Tips for teens to best relax over the summer holidays 

This time last year, many children were unable to relax as they anticipated their catch up exams in September, however with no such tests this year, students can finally chill out properly over the holidays.


It has been reported by the National Centre for Social Research that Covid-19 has disrupted the mental health of teens across England, with studies showing that children experiencing poor mental health are three times less likely than their peers to pass five GCSEs, including maths and English. With children across the country struggling with academic related anxiety which only serves to worsen their grades, MyTutor has put together some advice for teens to unwind properly this summer holidays. 

Have a breath of fresh air, whilst exploring local sites of interest

Studies have shown that spending time in green spaces can help mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. As teens have spent most of their time indoors studying, taking a breath of fresh air outside in local parks, National Trust spaces or other nearby points of interest can benefit teens' mood whilst finding out a little more about their local areas. 

Zoning out with some much deserved recreational screen time

Escapism in the form of TV shows or films can do wonders for low mood. MyTutor have put together their top 19 shows and films which can actually help support learning throughout the summer holidays. Who knew you could learn something whilst watching Money Heist?

Get creative and set yourself a non-academic project or goal

As so much time has gone towards thinking about academic stresses, teens may not have had time to invest what they're passionate about. It's important for the mind to have hobbies and interests outside of school, as it allows you to destress whilst being mentally productive. If you enjoy creative writing, why not set yourself a project of writing a short story in the six weeks? If you're more into sport, perhaps set a goal of completing a 5k or a junior fun run? Having a sense of achievement at the end of the summer holidays will stand teens in good stead for a new term, and hopefully boost moods. 


Bertie Hubbard, CEO of MyTutor comments on the difficulties faced by school children during the pandemic:

“The last 16 months have been unbelievably tough year on teens and parents alike with months out of school, exam cancellations, not seeing friends and worrying about Covid-19. With schools open again, catching up on lost learning and prepping for assessed work this term will bring another set of challenges for teens. 

"They’re in more need than ever for some support and reassurance with their studies, and that’s exactly what our tutors offer. Our tutors are all from UK universities, and because they’re just a few years older they can easily relate to what teens are going through. With their dedicated one-to-one support, teens get some much-needed reassurance and come out with a stronger self-belief - 88% say that lessons made them feel more confident."