Homes by the sea

Homes with a sea view command price tag premium of £86k

Britons' have long wished to be beside the seaside, and with the continuing battle against the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that home buyers want to make this permanent - but at a price.

This year has seen the premium of buying a home by the sea shoot up by £ 19,000, from £ 66,959 to £ 86,060 according to Rightmove.

At the same time, the average asking price for a home with a sea-view is currently £ 368,278, compared to £ 282,218 for a home in less coastal locations.

The South West of England has seen the biggest price premium with a 42% increase. House prices that command a sea view in our area are the highest prices across Britain at an average of £ 415,296.

Many experts do expect house prices to fall in 2021, due to the end of the Stamp Duty holiday, and the hit to household income due to the ending of the furlough scheme. One thing is for sure, the draw to be beside the seaside is something Brits will always happily pay a premium for.