Finding property perfection easier than finding love for 57% of homebuyers

House hunting can be hard work but MoveStreets, the property portal designed for the mobile generation, has found that more than half of us found it easier than finding the right partner and for the vast majority, it was love at first sight when they did. 


It’s no secret that our homes can hold incredible sentimental value above and beyond the price we pay for the bricks and mortar and research by MoveStreets found that 81% of us are in love with our current homes. 


For 71% of homebuyers, it was love at first sight when they did find ‘the one’ with 24% stating that location played a pivotal part in their initial infatuation. 


For 21%, size really does matter and was the most influential factor when falling head over heels for their home, while garden or outdoor space (17%) and value for money (12%) also ranked high. 


But as with all romantic endeavours, the road to true love can be a long one and it can take some time before the stars and align and we find our property life partner. 


So far, MoveStreet has seen over 800,000 homebuyers swipe via their platform in search of a home - with 91,385 of those swiping right in hot pursuit of a property they liked. 


The good news is that for 57% of us, finding the right home was easier than finding the right partner, as anyone who has trawled through the likes of Tinder or Bumble will no doubt testify to. 


MoveStreets allows homebuyers to navigate the UK property market in a manner more traditionally found within the dating scene. 


Using MoveStreets, homebuyers can swipe right on the homes that catch their eye while also immediately registering interest with the selling agent. Over time, MoveStreets’ initiative AI filters homes based on a buyer’s likes and dislikes, helping to speed up the process of finding the right home for them. 


CEO and Co-Founder of MoveStreets, Adam Kamani, commented:


“Our homes are an extension of who we are and so finding the perfect property is up there with finding the perfect person when it comes to life goals. 


Today, technology plays an integral role in both aspects of life but while we’ve seen the way we look for love evolve across the dating scene, the way we search for homes online has remained fairly unchanged in recent times. 


While technology has helped in terms of how we market a property and the number of buyers we’re exposed to, we essentially still head to the property listing page of a newspaper or an estate agent window, just on a far larger scale via the big name portals. This outdated process can see homebuyers search for hours on end with little to no luck and this can be costly in a market where time is of the essence. 


We’ve created a portal that not only appeals to the lifestyle of the mobile generation but allows them to search for a home in a manner they’ve become familiar with, streamlining the time it takes to find their dream home in the process.”


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Survey of 2,209 recent UK homebuyers (last 6 months) carried out by MoveStreets via consumer research platform Find Out Now(30th September 2021).