Are you making 2021 your year of fitness? Here’s what you should know before starting your journey. 

We've asked the team at FeedMoveLive to come up with some thoughts on how you can start your journey on making 2021 a healthier one for you and your family. 

Where to start? 


Have you tried to “diet” before? Followed cookie cutter nutrition advice such as chicken and broccoli? Cutting out carbs? Keto?? Whilst all these work by achieving a caloric deficit as with the above it must be something that’s maintainable and enjoyable. 


Onto the training


First of all, start with the basics, squats, pushes, pulls, carries and so on, set up a routine that fits your daily life, again going back to what’s sustainable and continue from there. 

If 3 days a week is what you have spare to exercise, then utilise that time wisely, and reach out for help if you need a start in setting this up, we are here to help you! 

Find a gym or environment that encourages you to better yourself, not run you into the ground and break you, if your method of fitness is swimming? Join a club, running? Join a club or find other people with the same goals and so on.. 

Fitness is a journey that everyone should start, but no one should finish. 


Its ongoing, from eating well, to looking after your health as well as your mental health. Choose what you enjoy, be around others that encourage and do it for the right reasons. 

Have you fallen into the trap of exercising for a few months and then stopping and then starting again, not really making any progress? If this sounds like you, find something else that gives you the benefits of health and fitness but something you enjoy and can sustain forever. 


We wish you the very best in your health, fitness and happiness for 2021 and beyond 


Stay motivated 


Realising that motivation will come and go is the first step to not solely relying on it to get you into the gym or out for a swim, or whatever your method of fitness is. 

We need to be intrinsically motivated, have a reason for doing something, but if you enjoy it, you will always be able to sustain it. 

Alongside this, set small measurable goals, if for example your goal is to run a half marathon, start by doing a 5 k, as you progress over time revisit that 5 k and aim to beat it, this goes with weight loss, set an end goal with what you would like to lose but set small goals in between and as you chip away at those small goals those long-term goals become more and more realistic.