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Teachers offered overtime for providing one-to-one tuition as part of the government's catch-up plan

It has been reported that the government will be offering teachers overtime to take part in the catch-up plan, providing one-to-one tuition for children. To help alleviate the catalogue of work required of teachers to help pick kids back up before and during the new school term, online tutoring platform MyTutor offers affordable tuition from tutors of a similar age who have just been through what current kids are experiencing. This means tutors have both a firsthand experience of the exact curriculum students are learning, as well as the disruption that the pandemic created to learning. This 'near peer' model of tutoring offers more than just academic support to schoolchildren, it also provides pastoral care as tutors can often relate and give relevant advice.

MyTutor has commissioned nationally representative research on the impact Covid-19 has had on education, revealing that a quarter of parents agree that they have noticed a decline in their child's grades as a result of Covid-19, and over half report that their child has become demotivated and has fallen out of a routine. In addition to this, an analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that the impact the pandemic has had on learning could result in 8.7 million children in the UK collectively missing out on £350 billion of income, so it is imperative that they receive all the help they can get to make up for lost learning. 

Key Stats:

  • 26% of parents agree that since COVID-19, there is a visible decline in their child’s educational progression and they’re now scoring lower

  • 59% of parents agree that since COVID-19, their child has fallen out of a routine with regards to their education and their motivation to work has declined

Bertie Hubbard, CEO of MyTutor comments on the difficulties faced by school children during the pandemic:

“The last 18 months have been unbelievably tough year on teens and parents alike with months out of school, exam cancellations, not seeing friends and worrying about Covid-19. With schools open again, catching up on lost learning and prepping for assessed work this term will bring another set of challenges for teens. 

"They’re in more need than ever for some support and reassurance with their studies, and that’s exactly what our tutors offer. Our tutors are all from UK universities, and because they’re just a few years older they can easily relate to what teens are going through. With their dedicated one-to-one support, teens get some much-needed reassurance and come out with a stronger self-belief - 88% say that lessons made them feel more confident."