Jimmy White

Jimmy 'The Whirlwind' White comes to

Plymouth Pavilions with the ROKit Senior British Open

Affectionately known as 'The Peoples Champion', Jimmy White has been entertaining audience across the world with his uncompromising attacking style for 40 years.

The six-time World Championship finalist, and winner of 10 ranking events, was due to back in Plymouth for the ROKiT UK Senior British Open this October, but due to COVID, this has now been delayed until September 2021. We caught up with 'The Whirlwind' to talk about his memories of playing in Plymouth, being on tour with so many familiar faces and the one he is happy isn't old enough to join the tour just yet.

How much are you looking forward to coming to Plymouth to be part of the ROKit Senior Snooker British Open?


It's such a great city and venue with a good history of snooker. The westcountry has always produced great players and I used to love coming down for the British open each year at the Pavilions.

Is the rivalry between the players still the same as it was when you were competing on the main tour?

Make no mistake, we've all got professional pride and in some ways you never know how many opportunities you will have to go toe to toe with these guys again. So in many ways, the rivalry is greater.

What are your memories of playing at the Pavilions and is it good to see the event attract a new legion of younger fans to snooker?

I always remember there being good, knowledgeable crowdd eho know their snooker. it is also good to see some younger faces in the crowds as well at these events

"I enjoy playing all snooker, I’m still on the main tour and still competing hard. I don’t enjoy the travelling as much any more but its either this or go and play bad golf somewhere."

Do you get much time to see the city while you are here or are you tied to the practice table?

It depends if I get knocked out early or not, so hopefully I won’t see anything of it!

How many tournaments are you playing on the Seniors tour this year and where does it take you in the world?


Its growing massively. I'm playing 6 events this year , with the tour going to Hong Kong, Canada and Australia to name a few. With 200k in prize money, it's been a real revelation.

Obviously you are playing to win, but has playing on the Seniors tour given you an opportunity to go out, entertain and just enjoy playing snooker, rather than having to deal with the stress of having to win a major tournament?

I enjoy playing all snooker, I’m still on the main tour and still competing hard. I don’t enjoy the travelling as much any more but its either this or go and play bad golf somewhere.

What’s the camaraderie like with the players and do you get to spend more time with them now, and get to know them better, than when you were competing against them 20 years ago?

Yes, we generally stay together on this tour and there is always a few laughs and reminiscing.

Any of your fellow competitors have any annoying habits you don’t mind telling us about?

That fellow Hendry used to have an annoying habit of beating me but I'm getting a bit of payback now.

Finally, with a big year ahead, who is your ‘One to Watch’ In 2020?

On the main tour some of the Chinese kids are frightening, Ronnie is still the man to beat which means he can stay away from this tour for a while!


The ROKiT World Seniors Snooker British Open is held at Plymouth Pavilions from Sept 30th - Oct 1st.

Tickets are avialable to order on the website: www.theticketstore.co.uk or by clicking on the Pavilions logo (above).

Under 14 to be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.