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How yoga can enhance your mental and physical wellbeing

When most people think of yoga, they think mainly of the physical practice. Maybe you’ve heard of downward facing dogs and sun salutations. But yoga is so much more than stretching; the connection between the mind and the body is the heart of the practice.

We've asked Sophie Dialkova of Palm Tree Yoga to highlight the many health benefits of taking up the practice.Opposite, 

Sophie gives you some tips and advice for all levels and ages.

Yoga for all ages

Sophie Dialkova give us some top Yoga tips for all ages

Whether you are new to Yoga, or deepening your knowledge, Sophie has some tips and advice that can help you both physically and mentally. Click below to find out more...

Here comes the sun

How important is exposure to the sun for our wellbeing?

Living under nationwide restrictions has impacted many with feelings of stagnation, lethargy and a lack of motivation, with a third of Brits saying that working from home has made them the most lethargic and tired they have ever been. 


What is wellbeing?

With the welcomed news of a re-opening date in May, the award-winning Gaia Spa Boringdon talks all about well-being ahead of the days that they can nurture guests’ wellness once again. With this in mind, have you planned a visit to the spa yet for some relaxation?

Wellness and well-being is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind. However, being well is not just the absence of illness there is so much more to being well or well-being. Click below to find out more..


Zeena Moolla


Motherhood is amazing and the devotion you encounter is staggeringly strong. But when you’re in the eye of the shitstorm, veering between love and lunacy, wondering how this tiny, adorable human can wreak so much bedlam in your life, I believe you need a robust sense of humour to help save your sanity.

Zeena Moolla talks about her latest book 'Everything I’ve Learned About Motherhood From My Single-Parent Dad'. Plus, we give you a chance to win a copy of this laugh-out-loud funny, honest and  tender book which is packed with real life advice


Looking after your physical and mental health whilst in lockdown

Spending a considerable amount of
time at home, complying with the Government's social distancing policies, will feel like torture to many who are used to spending their time walking, cycling or engaging in sports and exercise.