Looking to start a new career but full-time education isn’t an option?

With an Apprenticeship, you can learn vital new skills whilst earning an income: a solution for people of all ages. Speak to City College to get you on track. 

Connor Ratcliffe and Amelia Bulley are two examples of how Apprenticeships suit a variety of people. 


Connor, now aged 26, took up an Apprenticeship in business and administration in 2019 having previously served in the Army. With a new baby, he was desperate for a 9-to-5 routine but lacked the skills and experience to find an office-based job that would also allow him to support his family. 


Connor said: ““I visited City College Plymouth and it was suggested that I looked into Apprenticeship opportunities, and the Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business and Administration seemed to offer everything I was looking for.”


Shortly after that, Connor was offered an Apprenticeship with The Barden Corporation and has flourished with the company. He was even nominated for the Rising Star Award at the Plymouth Manufacturers’ Group Apprentice of the Year event and was highly commended. 


Unlike Connor, Amelia knew even whilst at school that she wanted to join Babcock as an apprentice. Amelia hasn’t looked back since making this decision and said she has been fully supported in developing both her skills and confidence and has been achieving superb results in her exams and assessments. 

Amelia added: “I think Apprenticeships are a great way to learn. I enjoy being able to develop new skills by learning on-the-job. I also enjoy learning and working with my co-workers as I always feel really welcome and accepted.”

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Amelia’s off-the-job-training involves attending lectures and practical sessions at City College.  About the College, Amelia said: “City College Plymouth has the capability to be able to supply all of the learning opportunities required of the apprentices. It has plenty of space, highly knowledgeable lecturers and some amazing engineering equipment that other smaller colleges simply don’t have.”


If you would like to learn more about Apprenticeships, visit City College on Wednesday 2 March, between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, where you can find out how to get a new career on track via this earn-while-you-learn approach.  

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