Àclèaf at Boringdon Hall

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Àclèaf at Boringdon Hall

A new decade for dining, Boringdon has turned over a new leaf and introduced something quite special. In early 2020 Àclèaf was born and Head Chef Scott lets us in on the inspiration and why’s behind the new restaurant at Boringdon Hall.

From tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow goes the saying; Àclèaf is our way of turning a new leaf, and in which from our past Acorn hospitality award winners and history of the “enchanted place on the hill”, an oak leaf or “Àclèaf ” as they would have said when Boringdon was being built seemed so fitting. With Gaia watching over us, this naturally inspired restaurant brings our guests together, help them engage in one another’s lives and be present in the moment they share with us. When asked to define a style of food, this becomes tricky. 

Àclèaf isn’t following the rules, it’s setting an example, it’s a culture and a lifestyle. Tying a style of food to this seems against what we want to achieve, so you could give it a broad spectrum of contemporary and flavourful. The style is simply the best produce we can get our hands on, cooked honestly, and served simply. Truth with elegance is our style. We have taken this outside of the kitchen and into the dining room, re-evaluating everything from the décor, to the place settings.

Àclèaf serves dishes and produce that have had maximum focus on each individual element. All building and working together to highlight the main ingredient, keeping our playful elements and nostalgic influence. Dishes are served with sophistication, we call this… truth with elegance. 

Àclèaf is open Wednesday to Sunday for dinner 6.30- 9.30pm, offering Scott Paton’s signature four-course Table d’hôte Menu, with a vegan and vegetarian menu also available. 

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