Bathroom trends 2021

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As we focus our April issue on Bathrooms, we ask the team at Ripples to give us their trends for 2021

Having spent a year locked down in our own homes, I'm sure many of us have made plans to redecorate, or re-design, certain rooms giving them a much needed revamp. 

The designers at Ripples have given us some pointers as to what they feel the trends of 2021 will be; from minimal and natural styles- particularly wood, pebble and stone, to muted chrome. 

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The trend that's defined by a combination of minimal Japanese style and simple Scandinavian accents.

Its a natural fit for the bathroom where a peaceful and relaxing space is a must. Look out for clean lines, clutter-free solutions and a calming colour palette like Dulux's Colour of the Year 2021 'Brave Ground’.


Muted Monochrome

The monochrome trend has evolved from the influence of art-deco, high contrast bathrooms seen in previous years.

This trend features a combination of whites, blacks, and greys captivating a warmer feel. Textures like slate and wood also create this muted undertone.

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Matte White

Last season, matte black brassware was the star of the show but matte white is creeping into the top spot.

Following the increase in demand for calmer, more peaceful bathrooms white brassware has seen a surge in popularity.

We love how versatile it is particularly in modern bathrooms with contrasting, painted or tiled walls.



Working from home, relaxing at home, holidaying at home - all the more reason to make your dwelling a relaxing place to switch off.

There is a move towards creating a 'spathroom'; a hiding place with subdued shades, plenty of storage space, and the all important spa bath so you can experience luxury at home.

Clay Pink

Pink is a useful accent shade as it complements an array of other colours. This clay hue is a popular base colour for a neutral bathroom. Its warming and delicate characteristics create a welcoming atmosphere and it pairs well with black, grey and white.