Barbican Theatre

ReBels Talent Development Classes for ages 12-25

at the Barbican Theatre

We’re so excited to announce what the class content for the Spring 2021 term will cover. Join for just £40 which also covers sessions in the Summer term 


The majority of the Spring term sessions will work on pieces for inclusion in a big Barbican Theatre performance in May 2021. 


Choose as many sessions for your age group as you like, all within the one single fee (if there is space!) 

Mondays for ages 12 – 15


5pm – 6:30pm 

What’s Your Style?

Exploring difference dance styles through technique and choreography in contemporary, Afro Beat and commercial. 


Junk Yard Music combining rhythm, noise and big statements and the opportunity to create your own junk band and/or create your own scrap heap inspired performance using your own instruments and voices. 


7:30pm – 9pm 

Rhythm & Word

Make a statement with poetry, music and movement plus an opportunity to explore Beat Poetry and music composition with guest artists. How can you make a big statement as a unified team? 


Online Stories

Working as a film crew to storyboard, devise and make your own short film. Learn the expertise of screen acting, stage managing and editing. 

Tuesdays for ages 12 - 15


4:30pm – 6pm

Comedy Assembles with Assembleth Theatre Company.

During the term you will learn how to improvise and devise comedy sketches, explore street theatre and create busking style performance. You will also have a performance opportunity, taking your sketches to the streets with Assembleth. 


Tuesdays for ages 15-25 


7pm – 8:30pm

VJing Real Time Visual Performance.

An opportunity to play with interactive visual tech, projections, music, graphics, and pixel mapping. Building content for a light show, you will be using technology like Resolume, Qlab and more. 

Wednesdays for ages 15 – 25


5:30pm – 7pm 

Dancing On Cars

In preparation for Barbican Theatre’s big Spring production, rehearse and choreograph as a team to make a rhythmic, noisy, performance on and in a number of stationary cars. 


Acoustic Performance.

Focussing on acoustic performance skills across spoken word, storytelling, ensemble performance & music. Each month you will be working towards a performance for Coxside Cafe Acoustica at Teats Hill Amphitheatre. 


Say It With Words

This term we will be asking you to speak your mind by scripting speeches & monologues, creating autobiographical spoken words, composing songs and performance for live performances at The Box. 


8pm – 9:30pm

Rhythm & Articulation

Working with contemporary and hip-hop movement styles. Tricks, short solos, playful battles and jams will start in the studio and across the term, build into a performance for our big Barbican Theatre show. 


Urban Storytelling

Turning traditional stories on their head! Remaking fairy tales and developing urban inspired performance for a cityscape. Explore creative writing, storytelling, street theatre and physical theatre. 


Cityscape Creativity

Finding ways to make a statement with live performance and digital projections, giving you time to experiment and make with music, film and projection with the final outcomes being places as an installation city spaces and onto cars.


In the event of a January ‘lockdown’ classes will move online via Zoom (we transferred all Autumn sessions to Zoom from 5 Nov – 2 Dec to great success) 

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