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Barbican Theatre is excited to present three short films ‘Plymouth In Its Prime’

Barbican Theatre is excited to present three short films ‘Plymouth In Its Prime’, produced to celebrate and showcase the talent and unique voices of Plymouth’s skaters, dancers, parkourists and our amazing city. 
Plymouth In Its Prime features members of Prime Skatepark, Plymouth Parkour, dancers from Groovement Project and Rhythm City, and Barbican Theatre’s ReBels all collaborating to create a fusion of energy, creativity and skill.  
Barbican Theatre’s ReBels Dance Lead, Suzie West, says, 
“We had huge plans to create some amazing performance opportunities at the start of the year. When the lockdown was introduced, we of course, had to make alternative arrangements and had the idea of producing these films, which still offered opportunities for collaborations and creativity. We had already started chatting to Prime Skatepark and Plymouth Parkour about creative partnerships, and both were eager to get involved with these films. It’s meant that these incredible athletes have been able to connect, share their skills and start collaborating on future projects. ”
A call out for local videographers was issued in January and more than 30 local filmmakers applied for the commissions. The Barbican team was impressed with the diverse talent in the city.
The three successful filmmakers all offered a unique take on the project;

Alex Hart

Prime Saturdays by Rocco Harris

Rocco Harris, a film student at Plymouth Conservatoire, already has his own film making business. Roccos short is  innovative film that promotes our Prime Saturdays events that start this Summer. In the film the parkourists and skaters perform a race against time challenge across the city to get to Prime Skatepark in time for the event. Featuring the track ‘'Fall In' written and produced by local musician Liam Roberts. 

Plymouth In Motion by Sebastian Pinkham 

Sebastian holds a unique vision and background that made him an ideal candidate for this project. A dancer and extreme sports enthusiast, he has captured pro surfers, dancers and BMX racers capturing the essence of each discipline. His film ‘Plymouth in Motion’ is a stunning piece that captures our playful city and talented movers in action, including Rhythm City’s Kadus Smith, members of our ReBels Talent Development groups, Prime Skate Park, and Plymouth Parkour. 

Footwork by Amber Amare 

Amber Amare proposed a retro feel film, with her piece ‘Footwork’  inspired by Plymouth’s connection to the Chicago Footwork style of street dance and Benny Lau Crispin’s especially commissioned audio track. Footwork features AfroBeat dancer Beryl Tebug and Groovement Project’s Saf Hazeldine who showcases the Chicago Footwork dance style. 

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