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ReBels break rules, are curious and take on new challenges to find their unique creative voice.

Training for ages 12-25 for just £60 a year! 

ReBels break rules, are curious, and take on new challenges to find their unique creative voice. Imagine if we uncover an entire new dance style growing out of Plymouth (like KRUMP coming out of LA), or the next music genre (like Grime from London or Drum and Bass in Bristol). Imagine if your job hasn’t even been invented yet? ReBels will make sure you get the kind of training that gives you a taste of much more than dance and theatre.

Our first 2020-21 term from 28 September to mid December 2020 includes the following sessions:

For ages 12 – 15

What's Your Style?

Mondays 5pm - 6:30pm @ Barbican Theatre

Text & Music

Mondays 5pm - 6:30pm @ The Loft


Rhythm & Word

Mondays 7:30pm - 9pm @Barbican Theatre

Online Stories

Mondays 7:30pm - 9pm @The Loft

Puppetry with Above Bounds

Tuesdays 5pm - 6:30pm @Barbican Theatre

Comedy Sketches with Scratchworks Theatre 

Tuesdays 5pm - 6:30pm @ Barbican Theatre

For your single £60 annual fee you can attend as many sessions as you like (on Monday and Tuesday) in this Autumn term and in Spring / Summer 2021 when we’ll be introducing more creative opportunities and areas of dance and theatre to develop and enjoy. 

For ages 15 – 25

(choose one 5:30pm session and one 8pm session)

Composing For Choreography

Wednesdays 5:30pm - 7pm @Barbican Theatre 

Character & Combat

Wednesdays 5:30pm - 7pm @The Loft 

Theatre & Music

Wednesdays  5:30pm - 7pm @Barbican Theatre 

Rhythm & Articulation

Wednesdays 8pm - 9:30pm @Barbican Theatre

Online Stories

Wednesdays 8pm - 9:30pm @The Loft

Catwalk Creativity

Wednesdays 8pm - 9:30pm @Annabel’s

For your single £60 annual fee as well as your two Wednesday session you also have access to exclusive and free Thursday evening Masterclasses during this Autumn term. In Spring / Summer 2021 we’ll be introducing more creative opportunities and areas of dance and theatre to develop and enjoy which are still covered by your £60 annual fee.  

Covid-19 & additional safety precautions and regulations in ReBels Training Sessions: 

- A maximum of 15 young people in each session (including practitioners and


- Social / physical distancing must be maintained at all times; we’ll have ‘bubble lines’

  in place that young people will need to stay within.

- Hiring of additional venues for extra, smaller classes. 

- All sessions will take place in well ventilated spaces

- There will be a 1 hour break between sessions so that cleaning and ‘airing out’ of  

  spaces can take place.

What happens if there is a Lockdown? 

We know there's a lot of uncertainty about whether there will be another lockdown following the increases of covid cases in the UK. We've been preparing for this since we started planning our first term of ReBels Talent Development Training. In the event of a lockdown sessions will move online via Zoom. During the March/April lockdown we used YouTube and Zoom to engage with our training members and found this to be a very useful and successful interim method (we had more than 37,000 views of our B-Hive during the first lockdown). Our experienced team of Practitioners have planned sessions with this fact in mind so they would work in 'real life' or digitally.

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